Brooklyn Vaccine Symposium! Today!!! Tuesday June 4 @ 8:00 PM 129 ELMWOOD! Ateres Chynka Ballroom.

Join the event that will empower you regarding vaccine safety, and educate you so that you will make a more informed vaccine decision. 

These World Class Speakers Are Talking to YOU!

Where: Ateres Chinka Ballroom! 
Address: 129 Elmwood Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230
When:  Tuesday Night- June 4th 2019
Time:    8:00 PM

A Night Packed with Information!

A lineup of speakers you will see once in a lifetime! Get the truth from those on the front lines of this debate:

  • Del Bigtree

  • Rabbi Hillel Handler

  • Doctor Jim Meehan

  • Doctor Daniel Neides 

  • And More....

    A night of information for the concerned parent. For men and women!

Guidance and support for parents who are confronted with dilemma's due to the vaccine issue.


T: 845-445-7379


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